Reinis Širokovs

Switzerland certified personal development trainer.
NLP (neurolinguistic programming) specialist.
Facilitator of unique seminars and trainings.

About me

Today I am happy to say that I love what I do, accept people and life with true respect and admiration, share what I think is important and feel comfortable in everyday life. But 7 years ago...

I didn't know what I wanted. I pretended to be who I am not to please others. I often had a depressed mood and I was overwhelmed with my own thoughts. It seemed that nothing made sense and that being human meant suffering.

It all changed for the better. Slowly and with small steps I learned how to change myself. I started participating in various camps, seminars, self-development courses. Read books, experiment and even took part in amateur theater.

In a slow spirit, I successfully dealt with my inner "demons" and began to feel a genuine desire to help others as well. I had realized that deep inner change often requires more than theory and speaking. That is why I learned with great curiosity what I found to be most practical and useful in inspiring people and working with their subconscious. This is how I mastered coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy techniques and the ability to conduct group seminars + one-on-one sessions where the person says almost nothing, but finds the answers, inspiration and solutions they need quickly and easily. Yes it is possible.

Only when one is at peace with oneself does he or she have a genuine desire and energy to share his or her potential for the benefit of loved ones and society. I want to help unlock this potential for anyone who desires to live better.

- Reinis

Education and experience

Has helped overcome fears, traumas, low self esteem – and created confidence, courage, inner peace, harmony, inspiration for more than 400 individual clients.

Has led powerful, high quality trainings about social, communication and teambuilding skills in more than 450 organizations, schools and company’s.


Solution Surfers

ICF acreditated Coaching certificate.


Latvian University of Agriculture

Primary education program for educators.


Biznesa vadības koledža

Human resource management and personnel psychology, level highest education.


Jauno psiholoģiju centrs

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) “Master” certification.


Jauno psiholoģiju centrs

Hypnotherapy “Consciousness and attentions activation techniques” courses.

Certificates and attestations


Individual sessions

For personal development, positive inner changes and psychological comfort.

Meetings happen in private cabinet located in Riga, personal development center “SPIIKIIZI” Kr. Valdemāra iela 17A.
It is calm and constructive conversation, where you are being listened to and supported. We choose the best goal for you achieve it with personal development methods.

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You can have single consultation, for goal setting, priorities, motivation and decision making.
And you can have longer partnership, for deeper issues for example: low self-esteem, fear, phobia, negative thoughts, traumatic experience, anxiety e.t.c.
If the client is motivated to do inner work, results can be very positive after just a few sessions. Improved well being, focused attention, sense of lightness, motivation and changes in behaviour, actions and habits.
There have been more than 400 clients cooperating with Reinis. They have received positive and satisfying results for personal goals and growth. Also you can experience successful support and become a more harmonious, joyful and productive person.

Price - 40 EUR (per hour)

Online coaching

For personal and professional goals.

- 100% focus on your thoughts, progress and sucess
- Support and active listening
- Genuine feedback and possibility to discover new perspectives
- Stronger motivation and inspiration
- Option to discipline yourself for work tasks, success and challenges
- Faster results and great action plan

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Solutions for:
- Choices
- Motivation
- Priorities
- Goal setting
- Different challenges
- Enhancing productivity
- Personal and professional vision
Framework: 60 minute video call, in a calm place, in a time comfortable for you.

Price - 30 EUR (per hour)


For municipalities, schools, organizations and projects.

Reinis Širokovs - Switzerland certified personal development trainer, specializes in exciting, engaging and inspiring seminars on personal growth, communication, and collaboration enhancing.

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Seminar topics:
- How to set goals, priorities and vision effectively?
- How to lead the dialogue towards a solution? (Active listening, coaching basics)
- How to reduce stress-build inner peace?
- How to understand different people's perceptions and enrich communication skills?
- Strengthening of self-confidence and creativity with elements of theater play
- How to make successful and good choices?
- NLP and human subconscious potential
- Motivation and effective time planning
- Building trust and collaboration within the team
- Strengthening personal growth and awareness-raising methods

The length of the seminars and event management depends on your needs and interests. It is possible to deliver a 1-3 hour seminar and participate in multi-day projects.
Workshop topics can be changed to your needs. Practical seminars are possible for groups of 10-40 people. And theoretical seminars for large audiences - conferences, festivals, etc.
Reinis Širokovs is a self-employed person who can facilitate seminars in Latvian and English, in Latvia and abroad.

Price - By agreement

For athletes

Training of psychological preparedness individually and in a team.

Recent research in neuroscience, psychotherapy and mindfulness offers increasingly unique and valuable methods for enhancing human productivity, concentration, and psychological resources, which are often critical to athlete success.

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Reinis Širokovs works with athletes using methods that address conscious and subconscious resources. As a result, it is possible to increase the athlete's ability to concentrate, adjust, energize, perform better and be more prepared.
Every sport and athlete is unique, but every human has basic psychological mechanisms that are possible to enhance. As a result it's possible to differ from competitors and increase the chances of success.
Training psychological preparedness and awareness improves performance in sport, education and it also improves self-esteem.
Skills such as "sense of balance", "effective visualisation", "controlling breath and mood", "techniques of consciousness and attention" e.t.c.. requires time and transformation. Therefore, such training is recommended in the long term.
Reinis also works with athletes who have experienced an injury, physically recovered, but psychologically, they face a barrier or block that prevents them from fully achieving results. Such athletes can work individually and get rid of blocks.
Training format for group: 10 people, 60 minutes 2-4 x per month, in a room where everyone can move. Individual training: 60 minutes 2-4x per month in a quiet consultation room.
So far, Reinis has collaborated with FK Jelgava Football Club and more than 40 athletes individually.

Price - By agreement

For company's

Training and seminars

My fields of expertise are: stress management-inner peace enhancing, subconscious mind, (NLP) neurolinguistic programming, efficient mutual communication, trust and performance building in team.

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Being a non-formal education trainer for 9 years I have developed learning and training processes which can involve and excite people in a way that inspires them to grow individually and in team.
In my experience i can tell that these trainings are very valuable for smaller companies that cares about their employee well being and inner communication.
With NLP and subconscious methods we can achieve great results in various "soft-skills" aspects - it would definitely be unique and valuable experience. So I invite you to learn more about programs offered and to contact me for detailed information and how we can focus on your company's needs.

Price - By agreement

Development sessions for employees.

Strengthening employees' purposefulness, productivity and emotional well-being..

How do you get your employees to shine, support the company more, and work at their full potential?

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The core of every business is people. Sooner or later, we each face personal challenges. For example, family problems, fatigue, lack of motivation, stress, etc. And people often don't know how to deal with it. All this troubles the ability to work productively, perform well and be loyal to company.
In my experience, I have seen just how valuable individual conversations are, and how afterwards, employees walk with more confidence, clarity focus and how they grow in their professionalism and willingly put their heart into the work.
I have the ability to engage people to overcome personal challenges, to create new goals, motivation, inner peace, and the desire to deliver the best in their work. You have the opportunity to bring unique value to your employees and team.
This is accomplished through face-to-face meetings with a variety of personal growth and practical psychology techniques that incorporate elements of dialogue, writing, thinking and planning.
Understanding process, value and outcomes - happens during a demo session with the whole team. By agreement with the management - employees have the opportunity to have a single session or have long term consulting. Above all, employees have the opportunity to work with themselves, in a peaceful, supportive environment, reduce stress, increase purposefulness and productivity.
1 meeting lasts 60 minutes, in a private room. 1 time can be good enough and it can be that one person needs 4-6 meetings within 3 months.
It is important to me that you grow and that your business is represented by people who are confident and ready to give the best in their work - so lets talk and find the best strategy for that now!

Price - By agreement


NLP atklāju kā tēlu pasauli, kas man palīdzēja ieraudzīt, kas mīt un notiek manā iekšienē. Sadarbība ar Reini man patika, jo jutu Reiņa ieinterisētību palīdzēt man ar viņa pieejamām zināšanām. Ļoti sirsnīga, neuzbāzīga iejūtīga attieksme.
Es ieguvu pārliecību, ka es varu tikt galā ar savu problēmu. Reinis man palīdzēja, izvēloties risinājumam piemērotāko uzdevumu un prasmīgi vadot mani uzdevuma gaitā.


Sadarbība ar Reini bija ļoti patīkama, organizēta un veiksmīga. Ikkatra tikšanās reize bija plānota un saturīga, jo tika izmantotas dažādas metodes, paņēmieni, lai virzītos uz noteiktu mērķi. Nepārtraukti virzīju savu uzmanību izvirzītajam mērķim, lai to sasniegtu. Uzzināju, kā notiek šāda veida koučinga sesijas, ieguvu vērtīgas atziņas sarunu laikā:sapratu virzienu, kurā strādāt, lai sasniegtu mērķi.


Tikšanās noritēja jaukā, vienkāršā, nepiespiestā atmosfērā. Reinis sarunas laikā intuitīvi izvēlējās NLP tehniku mana personīgā mērķa sasniegšanai un virzībai uz to. Arī pēc vairākām nedēļām tā izrādījās ļoti efektīva. Caur piemēru ieguvu radošas idejas, kā vajadzības gadījumā pasargāt sevi saspringtās situācijās darba un sociālajā vidē.


Pie Reiņa pieteicos uz konsultācijām, lai strādātu ar bailēm un atbrīvotu savu “spārnu sajūtu”, kuru dzīvē neizjutu jau ilgāku laika periodu.Patiesībā necerēju, ka tas varētu izdoties… BET izdevās! Mani uzrunāja Reiņa ieinterisētība procesā un rezultātā – jautājuma risinājums bija sācies jau konsultācijas laikā un turpinās vēljoprojām, kam patiesībā nespēju noticēt, jo uz NLP metodēm skatījos diezgan skeptiski.
Esmu ieguvusi neaizmirstamu pieredzi izejot cauri nopietnām lietām konsultāciju laikā. Būtiski ir tas, ka varu redzēt kā notiek izmaiņas manā ikdienā- lēnām, itkā nenozīmīgās detaļās un sīkumos, bet kopaina mainās būtiski.Tas ir kā mehānisms, kurš pēc stāvēšanas dīkā tiek atkal iedarbināts. Paldies Reini par Tavu darbu un profesionalitāti.


Jautājot, vai man patika NLP konsultācijas es viennozīmīgu atbildu – patika! Reinim ir lieliska pieeja darbā ar klientiem, spēja uzklausīt! Spēja no klienta stāstījuma piemeklēt labāko risinājumu jautājumam, kas nomāc klientu. Es šajās konsultācijās ieguvu pārliecību par sevi, par to, ka mēs paši esam radītāji visām barjerām, kas traucē dzīvot. Reinis ir kā pavadonis, kas palīdz atgriezties pie saviem iekšējiem resursiem, lai uzlabotu savu dzīvi. Paldies Reini par doto iespēju atgriezties pie sevis.


Reinis pārsteidz ar neparasti uzcītīgu attieksmi pret savu darbu un klientiem. Viss ko viņš stāsta Ir pārdomāts un pamatots. Pēc konsultācijām pārmaiņas parādās smalki un it kā nemanot. Prieks, ka varēju pastrādāt ar sevi Reiņa uzraudzībā.


Ar Reini var runāt no sirds - uzklausīs, sapratīs un mierīgi piemeklēs atbilstošākās metodes aktuālāko risinājumu meklējumos. Biju uz individuālo nodarbību par prioritātēm, iegūtās zināšanas pielietoju jau ikdienas to-do listu veidošanā. Prieks!


Ar Reini ir ļoti viegli un patīkami runāt. Viņš izstaro no sevis tādu mieru un harmoniju, ko gribas paturēt un dot tālāk citiem. Man personīgi Reinis palīdzēja saprast kāds ir mans sapnis (jā, ne viesiem tas ir zināms), kā uz to tiekties, un nekad nezaudēt cerību! Katrs mazākais solis uz priekšu ir tuvošanās mērķim! Padies Reini, ka esi īstajā vietā! Paldies, ka pamainīji manu domāšanu tā,lai pati sev piesaistītu veiksmi un izdošanos! Tu esi super foršs, lai Tev vis izdodas arī turpmāk!


Reiņa vadītais praktiskais seminārs “Efektīva komunikācija ar NLP” bija mana pirmā tikšanās un iepazīšanās ar NLP. Šis kurss sniedza vispārīgu ieskatu par to, kas ir NLP un kādas ir plašāk lietotās NLP metodes. Nevienu mirkli nebija garlaicīgi, jo visu semināra laiku veicām praktiskus uzdevumus un laiks paskrēja nemanot! Noderīgs seminārs, lai atbildētu uz jautājumu "Kas ir NLP un kā to izmantot ikdienā?"


Skaidrība un pārliecība ir divas no tām sajūtām, ko Reinis ir man palīdzējis attīstīt. Tās palīdz man droši virzīties uz priekšu savā izaugsmē un dzīvē, tiekot galā ar jebkuriem šķēršļiem manā ceļā un pat izmantojot tos savā labā. Paldies, Reini!


Ļoti patika konsultācija pie Reiņa, kurš ir savas jomas profesionālis un kurš man palīdzēja beidzot noformulēt savu sapņu nodarbošanos! Un mudināja sapņot un ticēt tam, ka viss izdosies!



Kr. Valdemāra iela 17A, Rīga, Latvija.

Lielā iela 15, Jelgava, Latvija.

+371 26 498 586